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Company is dedicated to custom home businesses and consumers to provide high-quality household receive hardware function, kitchen product covers household cabinet receive pull basket, sink, household bureau receive system and so on three major categories, adhering to the innovative leading technology, to create greater value for the customer the value concept, to create become specialized in high quality household hardware manufacturers and service providers.

Is a comprehensive home functional hardware manufacturing enterprise integrating independent research and development, production and sales.
The company is located in ,Shunde,Guangdong province, which is known as the "capital of hardware"
The company has strong r&d strength and industry-leading automated production workshop, painting workshop, stamping workshop, etc.
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Home storage hardware functions

Adhering to innovative and leading technology, we aim to create greater value for our customers and strive to become a professional high-quality home hardware manufacturer and service provider.


Baopo Series - Trilateral Basket

On the basis of traditional basket storage of tableware, integration and optimization have been added, including the storage of kitchen tools, the design of movable chopsticks for the basket of dishes, and the rational planning of the basket space, making the functions more perfect.


Baopo Series - Seasoning Basket

The unobstructed three sided retrieval adopts a fashionable high-end design, creating a new storage order and clear multifunctional division, bringing more storage wisdom and creative inspiration. The three-dimensional staggered design breaks through the obstacles of flat layers, solves the problem of uneven storage between high and low levels, and meets storage needs.


Baopo Series - Flexible Pull Basket

The multifunctional design of a cabinet provides a storage experience that comes from the Baopo High Stretch Basket. Imported NSK bearing pulleys provide better pull-out, fearless of heavy pressure, strong load-bearing, and quiet opening and closing. With a gentle pull, items can be taken out of the cabinet and delivered to your hand for easy access. The adjustable design of the floor height allows for the storage of items with arbitrary height. The strong support of the guide rail allows the overall smooth pulling out, and the end buffer automatically sucks in, creating an excellent silky and smooth experience for users. Achieve a perfect balance between storage and support.

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The company is committed to providing high-quality home storage hardware functions for customized home furnishing enterprises and consumers,to create greater value for the customer the value concept, to create become specialized in high quality household hardware manufacturers and service providers.

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 The company adheres to the business philosophy of "customer first, forge ahead", adheres to the principle of "customer" and can provide customers with various transportation, such as automobile transportation, sea transportation, fire transportation, etc., to provide our customers with high-quality services. Welcome new and old customers to patronize .